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Vampire Diaries': Damon and Elena return to Wickery Bridge

For "The Vampire Diaries," there are few locations as iconic and pivotal as Wickery Bridge. It's where Elena's parents died, where she and Stefan had their first interaction, where Stefan nearly tried to kill her when he was all hopped up on Ripper revenge, and, of course, where she was turned into a vampire in the Season 3 finale. Elena's most devastating and terrifying moments have occurred at this bridge -- and now, she's going back, as evidenced by these photos from the upcoming episode "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes."

In the episode, Elena is experiencing hallucinations (we can't tell you why quite yet, but this week's episode "The Five" might give you some ideas) -- and she's so terrified and confused that she makes a very dangerous mistake. Let's just hope that mistake doesn't involve the bridge -- since nothing good ever happens there. 

It seems Damon arrives in time for whatever is about to go down, which is good, because he actually spends a decent portion of the episode with Bonnie, learning about an ancient form of witchcraft from Professor Shane... who might actually have a surprising connection to Matt. Meanwhile, Stefan and Klaus help Jeremy come to terms with some new responsibilities following a regime change, and Stelena share a heartbreaking moment when she makes a confession.