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Candice Accola for Midori Ad Campaign 2013

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The Vampire Diaries - Rehash: Graduation

Paul and Kat at the The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

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Kat and Paul at Stella Artois Suite during Cannes Film Festival

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Showrunner Jeremy Carver hints at a possible return for Bobby in SupernaturalSeason 9, and we give our theories as to how it might just happen.
Now that Supernatural Season 8 is over, all eyes are looking beyond the dreaded hellatus to October when the show returns for Season 9. One character that a lot of fans are wondering about is Bobby, and showrunner Jeremy Carver talked to Screen Rant about his possible return.

Though Bobby originally died in Season 7 (not just once, but twice), he made a triumphant return in Season 8 when it was discovered that Sam had to break him out of purgatory as part of the trials to close the gates of hell. The decision to bring Bobby back was based mostly on the story itself, Carter said.

"I never think, 'Oh wow, who can I bring back?' I always think of it in the sense of, 'Oh wow, who would be right for this particular story,'" Carver revealed.

Does that mean that it's likely we'll see him again in Season 9?

"You know, we were saying all season, 'You never know what's going to happen to Bobby,' and I think we've found a — I can't believe I'm going to say this word — believable way to bring him back from Hell. I think now that Bobby is presumably in Heaven that it certainly does open up the question of whether or not we might see him again.'" Carver said.

While Carver hasn't said that Bobby will be back for sure, he also hasn't said that the character won't be back for sure. Because it really could go either way, we decided to look at how it could happen. Below are five ways we came up with that Bobby could theoretically come back in Season 9.

Sam or Dean could die and go to heaven (again) 

This would bring Bobby back without necessarily cheapening his death. With all of the angels booted out of heaven and Metatron apparently up there ruling things, who's to say that Bobby couldn't be asked to help out? Maybe we'll catch him and Ash hanging out having beers when Sam or Dean gets up there and then they'll all work together to defeat Metatron. When it was all over, he would still be there, but it's one way to technically get him back on the show.

He could make a deal with a demon

All right, so this idea is a bit more far-fetched, seeing as how there are no demons up there in heaven with him, but people make deals with demons on behalf of others all the time. The way we see it, a human would have to make a deal with a demon, and that demon would have to find a way to get to Metatron (because he's running the show up there). It would be a lot of trouble for just one person, but you never know how much Bobby could be worth to either side when the chips are down.

A spell that has yet to be discovered

This is really the most believable option. With a show like Supernatural, there are always spells sitting around that the boys haven't discovered yet. As the years have gone by, they've figured out how to do things they once thought were impossible, such as the cure for a vampire when Dean was bitten. If Bobby Singer was truly needed, I have a feeling the boys could find a way to bring him down from heaven.

He could open the doors and walk out

The last time we saw him, Bobby made it very clear that he wasn't all that interested in retiring from life as a hunter to go hang out in heaven and smell the roses. In fact, he told Sam straight up that he would very much like to come back to earth and rejoin the fight. So what if the clever old bird found his own way out? Every other option involves him being "rescued" in a sense, but Bobby's no princess — he doesn't have to wait for someone to break him out. What if he just finds the locked gates and marches out on his own? Heck, maybe he'll even defeat Metatron along the way and help return the angels to heaven.


Here's another method that lets fans get back their beloved Bobby without cheapening the heroic death he had on the show. We love Bobby but we don't necessarily have to see him in the present. After so many seasons, they don't even necessarily have to go back that far to find a moment in time where Bobby was alive but we missed something. Maybe it was on a case where we only saw Sam and Dean's side, or maybe it's some missing bits of a case we already know about. It's quite possible to get our Bobby fix without changing his current status.

What do you think? Could Bobby come back in Supernatural Season 9? More importantly, do you think he should come back?

Paul Wesley on Rachael Ray Show [24.04.12]

BloodyNightCon3 Barcelona and Europe (Brussels) Photoshoots

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Jay Ryan Interview: UpFront 2013

Kristin Kreuk Interview: UpFront 2013

Phoebe Tonkin - The Originals - 2013 CW Upfronts

The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 scoop: Julie Plec talks Stefan's doppelganger drama, Jeremy, and Damon's happiness

"The Vampire Diaries" has done it again.

Going into tonight's Season 4 finale, "Graduation," we knew a few things would happen: The gang would graduate, in a poignant scene that celebrated their history together. Elena would, once again, make a choice between Stefan and Damon. One character who had previously died would return from the dead. And, of course, we knew that someone would take the cure for vampirism and turn into a human. But while we were busy asking who would get the cure and who would spend the summer making out with Elena, we kind of forgot about another season-long mystery: Why won't Silas let anyone see his real face?

The slight of hand gave us one of the most jaw-dropping finale twists ever... and it was just one of many. We spoke with executive producer Julie Plec about what sort of fall-out to expect from some of the most surprising finale reveals when the series returns in Season 5.

1. Silas has a doppelganger -- and it's Stefan. Yes, the Petrova women aren't the only ones with the doppelganger enchantment in their blood. All of the convoluted twists regarding the legend of Silas, his goals, and his abilities came together. Thanks to a loophole, Silas came back to life, revealing that the immortality spell itself had a loophole: doppelgangers. Silas and Stefan share the same face. Stefan is Silas' doppelganger, and now he's trapped in a safe at the bottom of an ocean.

This is a storyline that has been in the works for about a year. "Last year, when Season 3 was over, we kept a small group of writers and we stayed for five weeks, to try to break the broad strokes of Season 4. Last year, right around this time, we came up with the doppelgänger pitch," executive producer Julie Plec tells us.

There were some complications to introducing another doppelgänger character. In Season 2 and early in Season 3, when Nina Dobrev was playing both Katherine and Elena regularly, she grew worn out, physically. Some of the decision-makers behind "The Vampire Diaries" were concerned that playing two characters could take a similar toll on Paul Wesley.

"We had to convince a lot of different people of how it could work and what could make it work," Julie says. "So that we didn't end up in a similar situation as with Katherine and Elena, where we exhausted Nina to the point of being unable to get out of her bed, because we accidentally overworked her so much. Creatively, everybody was very excited about the Silas doppelganger, it was just a matter of how long it took us to cement it, knowing that's fundamentally what we're going to do."

At the moment, Paul's not concerned about working too hard -- he's just excited to face a new challenge on the show. "He is so happy," Julie laughs. "Playing the straight man hero is not always the most exciting job for an actor, and Stefan, of all our heroes, is the straightest on the show. We get to go deeper into his ripper side sometimes, but for Paul, those moments are just pocket moments of opportunity to dig deeply into his craft, and a lot of other times he feels like he's just grooming his hero hair. So obviously, he's very enthusiastic about this, and has been supportive of it all along. He's been dying for something; to be a jerk, to be evil, to be the bad guy, to be able to stretch his muscles."

And in Season 5, he definitely will.

2. The resurrection of Jeremy Gilbert: "Vampire Diaries" fans are used to characters dying -- and occasionally, they pop back up later, whether it's as a vampire or as a ghost. Still, we were (pleasantly!) surprised to learn that Jeremy was coming back from the grave permanently, particularly because his goodbye episode was so heart-wrenching. Didn't the writers worry that resurrecting him would dull the impact of his beautiful, memorable send-off?

"It's something that we talked about a lot," Julie says. "Our intention, originally, was to say goodbye [to Jeremy] permanently. But then a lot of questions came up about the power of this girl losing her only living relative. It was so important to her journey at that moment. The global, eternally reaching tragedy attached to that is really sad, and really depressing."

Though Jeremy had to die in order to push Elena into the next phase of her life as a vampire, the writers quickly realized that it'd be impossible to bring her back from that dark, desperately tragic point in her life unless they revived Jeremy. Without him, Elena was looking down a long, black tunnel of depression -- and that wouldn't make for a particularly lively Season 5.

"We argued a lot, in the writer's room -- could we successfully bring this character back in a way that wouldn't feel cheap? Ultimately, I think that the way that it plays out, it does feel like the natural gift at the end of the season for this character that has been through so much," she explains.

Now Elena has a chance at some happiness in Season 5. "[Getting Jeremy back] resets her, in a way, where she can now get on with her life and live like the Elena that we know," Julie says. She is cautious, because she knows that some viewers might not be pleased with the loophole Jeremy steps through to return to the land of the living. "Critically, you can look at something and go, 'Well, that's a take-back, it's not fair,' but emotionally, I think, it's a positive. We might get hammered for it. We'll see. I'm hoping people will be so glad to see our Elena pull her life back together, they'll accept it."

3. Bonnie will still factor in to the storylines. Jeremy didn't exactly get a free ride back to the land of the living. Bonnie sacrificed herself in order to bring him back for Elena, and now she's trapped beyond the veil -- invisible to everyone, except for Jeremy.

It's certainly a tragic loss, but don't worry, Bonnie fans. Kat Graham will still be a big part of the show. "Here's what I'll say about Bonnie: I haven't personally seen 'Being Human,' but I do know that they have a ghost character that operates pretty successfully on that show," Julie says. "This is not the last we've seen of Bonnie. If anything, she will be right there in the middle of story next season, just with a few new complications."

4. Delena goodness! By giving Jeremy his life back, Bonnie essentially gave Elena her life back, too. Unencumbered by the sire bond, her grief, or a gaping hole where her humanity should be, Elena finally got to evaluate her love life with a clear head -- and she chose to be with Damon. "In death, you're the one that made me feel most alive," Elena told him. Cue the mouth touching! Now, with her vampire boyfriend at her side, she might just be able to enjoy college.

It's been a rough few years for Damon when it comes to his love life -- but Julie tells us it's finally time for him to have some legitimate joy in his life. "Yes. Absolutely," she says. "We're going to get to see Damon trying to be a good boyfriend, and while it's not going to be easy, he's going to try like hell to make it work, and they're going to have a real opportunity for happiness."

5. And what about Katherine? This season, we've seen a much more vulnerable side of Miss Katerina Petrova. She spent most of the year on the run. When she finally opened up and fell for Elijah, he rejected her in favor of a new beginning with his family. And then, in a moment of weakness, she allowed Elena to get the upper hand in a major showdown in the high school hallways. Elena, driven by very human emotions, shoved the cure down Katherine's throat. The thing that Katherine fears most is mortality. Elena gave it to her.

Just don't expect Katherine to go all Elena on us now that she doesn't have to drink blood to stay alive. "As a human, she's still very, very bad," Julie laughs. "If anything, she feels silly for letting herself get vulnerable, and she's taking out that frustration of her own vulnerability on Elena. If Elena goes after her, Katherine's still ready to kick that puppy."

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The Vampire Diaries Yearbook: Julie Plec Shares the Six Graduating Seniors' Quotes and Superlatives!

Though most big events on The Vampire Diaries tend to end with blood, tears and a body count, executive producer Julie Plec says she wanted the group's graduation to be an emotional milestone in the CW series.
"We did really want our characters to be able to graduate and have that moment that I loved so much growing up watching other TV shows where teenagers finally hit that milestone," Plec previews.
"We get a little bit of both. We get the s--t hitting the fan behind the scenes, but we still get a great glimpse of that nostalgic milestone. These characters, even though some may say they never go to school, I'd say they worked pretty hard to get to this point! It's a real nice moment, and I always get a little misty-eyed when I see it. It makes me happy."
And because Plec and the TVD writers room are so awesome, they've gifted us with Mystic Falls' graduating class of 2013's yearbook—quotes, superlatives and all!

After spending four years with the actors and characters, Plec admits that writing "Graduation" was "a really wonderfully emotional" experience.
"[Coexecutive producer] Caroline Dries and I sat outside my house in the backyard with the breeze blowing and the sun shining and, over the course of two-and-a-half days, split it up and wrote it and shared scenes and acts. It was the easiest time I've ever had writing a script because I was just so happy to be writing. Four years, you have to remember—you go to high school for four years, you go to college for four years and then you move on," she says. "But we just hit that wonderful milestone in the series where we've known these characters for four years, and they feel like friends and family, so to be able to write this great finale for them felt really special. In a weird way, it felt almost like series finale, though it wasn't obviously. We both put that kind of heart and soul into it because we felt like it was that important."

 Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)
Quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."James Dean
Superlative: Most Helpful
Activities: Varsity cheerleading

Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola)

Quote: "This love is treacherous. This path is reckless. This love is treacherous. I like it."Taylor Swift
Superlative: Most Likely to Succeed
Activities: Cheerleading, Prom committee, Mystic Falls beautification committee, head of recycling program, Go Green campaign, Miss Mystic Falls

Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham)
Quote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." Les Brown
Superlative: Most Spiritual
Activities: Varsity cheerleading, prom queen

Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)
Quote: "Success is falling nine times and getting up ten."Bon Jovi
"Map out your futurebut do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it. Make it worth the trip."Bon Jovi
Superlative: Best Hair
Activity: Varsity football

Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig)
Quote: "I get by with a little help from my friends."John Lennon
Superlative: Biggest Heart
Activities: Varsity football, prom king

Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt)
Quote: "How about me not blaming you for everything. How about me enjoying the moment for once."Alanis Morissette
Superlative: Best Dressed
Activities: Varsity cheerleading, '80s dance committee