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'Vampire Diaries' Interview: Joseph Morgan Talks the Cure, Klaroline, & 'The Originals' Let’s start off with Klaus and Caroline. We keep getting these moments between them where her feelings for him, friendship or otherwise, are sort of tested. Will she confront them soon or will they be in this sort of dance forever?

Joseph Morgan: I can tell you the relationship is complicated and continues to get more and more complicated, so I think at some point, she’ll have to.. she’s an assertive young woman, Caroline. I think at some point she’ll have to confront her feelings and they’ll have to be some sort of resolve or Klaus, as an impatient being, will force her to confront them. I think he’s one for ultimatums, so I think at some point they’ll be some sort of crescendo there. I think there will have to be. It’s certainly not my goal to frustrate people, just three seasons of the dancing around each other or something (laughs) and I don’t think the writers will want to do that anyway. But what’s happening is, their dynamic is evolving, even though it’s a dance.

JJJ: We have to ask you about those Klaus tears. We don’t see them often, but when we do, they are absolutely brilliant. Is that something that’s written in the script or is that your creative decision?

JM: No, I don’t think it’s written in the script. I don’t know, it’s just something I do I suppose. Sometimes I wonder if I do it too much (laughs). Like, am I showing too much vulnerability? I feel like they show so much aggression of his sociopathic, murderous side, it needs to be balanced out a little bit. And there is a vulnerable side to him. As a child, he was never loved enough and was resented, and indeed persecuted, by his father. So I think there are a lot of feelings underneath it all, for him, which tend to come out sometimes. I mean, the intentions and the motives are given to me by the writers and Julie, and I just try to put them across. Last [episode], as far as Klaus was concerned, was life and death, so I thought that was worthy of that level of emotion.

JJJ: When he does have those moments, it tends to be with certain people. We saw him get emotional with Mikael in season 3 and with Caroline this season. Since they aren’t confirmed for the spin-off, should we assume Klaus will be as evil as ever?

JM: You shouldn’t assume that neither of them are going to be in the spin-off because Mikael is dead and we have flashbacks. The show is called The Originals. There’s always a chance there will be some history that has to do with his father. [Point taken!] And secondly, we’ve been teased that there will be crossovers between the two shows, should we picked up, so I think certainly one a lot of people will be waiting for is to see Caroline show up with a suitcase in her hand. I don’t know. I would never say never.

But no, we’re not going to see him just be evil. I think what we’re going to see is certainly more screen time with Klaus. But the series itself centers around his character, so I think what we’ll see, if anything, if more sides of him. They will continue to flesh out the character and show more dynamic. The more other characters we bring into, the more we’ll see different dynamics and how he relates to different people. For me, the more I play with the character, the more scenes that are written, and the more the characters that are introduced or reintroduced into his life, the more there is for me to explore. We’ll see him react to it in a way that we’ve never seen him react before, just in the pilot. We’ll see something thrown at him that catches him right off guard. Again, it will open up that emotional world for him.

JJJ: We’re hearing a lot about the change in dynamic between Klaus and his brother Elijah in the spin-off. When will we see that shift start to happen?

JM: It’s ever-shifting, I think, since I daggered him at the end of season 2. Absolutely, it’s always evolving. And the thing that I love about Elijah, is I think he always feels that there is some possibility for redemption for Klaus. And I’d like to think that he’s right. But yeah, we’ll see that dynamic shift even during episode 19, and certainly during episode 20. Their potential roles in each others’ futures will be defined in those couple of episodes.

JJJ: What about Rebekah (Claire Holt)? It seems, at times, she wants to forgive Klaus and be a family, but he just keeps doing these terrible things to her. What can you tell us about what’s coming up for them?

JM: They both have reasons to want the cure right now. Klaus wants to get Silas off his back. And Rebekah wants to be human, to be loved, and to live a normal life. Their dynamic is tested as ever. Because their other living sibling holds the one thing that both of them need or want at the moment. I really think as well, that Rebekah really hasn’t truly forgiven Klaus for episode four this season where he used Stefan to betray her trust and then put her in a box for a couple of episodes. I think he really crossed the mark there. He crossed the mark at the end of the first episode as well when he told her, “You’re not my sister, you’re not my family, you’re nothing to me.” I think they are probably on the worst terms they’ve been in probably hundreds of years. They’re not seeing eye-to-eye right now.

JJJ: Klaus mentioned in the last episode that he isn’t exactly actively searching for Tyler (Michael Trevino), either because he’s too busy or really, for Caroline’s sake. Do you think he is capable of doing the same for his brother, where Katherine is concerned?

JM: I’ll tell you this: his brother is going to ask him to do that. I’ll tell you that much, but I’m not going to tell you how Klaus reacts to that.

JJJ: Fair enough! And lastly, Klaus and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) hooked up and we really haven’t seen her since. Was that a one-time deal and will it be addressed at some point?

JM: I think it was a one-time thing, but both characters are in the spin-off. We’ll see Hayley again in episode 420. And what it does do is complicate the dynamic between them because those characters now have a history. So it will be acknowledged, but I guess not addressed like it’s going be a “now they’re on, now they’re off.” I don’t think it will be addressed in that way. But it’s absolutely a part of their history together now and it’s something that complicates their dynamic even further.

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