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Dean Winchester and...the Angel Tablet?

CLARISSA: There’s no doubt in my mind that Dean will be (or, at least, should be) connected to the Angel Tablet storyline, which I think will form a big part of next season. I know that the Demon Tablet was a way to get Sam reconnected with hunting, but I think he’s the only one of the two who could have tackled those particular trials. I think it makes sense that Sam was the person to close the Gates of Hell because he’s the one who ultimate let Lucifer free. I know that Dean broke the first seal, but it was Sam that ultimately let Lucifer free in the end through his own misguided choices. And his position as Lucifer’s vessel gives a nice symmetry to being the one responsible for locking away demons forever.

On the flip side, Dean’s position as Michael’s intended vessel connects him to the Angel Tablet storyline in a way that makes sense to me. I have no doubt that Castiel will be involved in that story, but I think Dean will play a major role. Consider this: what if the reason that Naomi had Cas kill so many "versions" of Dean (beyond the obvious fact that she wanted to be sure Cas would stop at nothing to achieve her goal), and the reason that Castiel feels he must protect the Tablet from Dean, is actually because Dean has a connection to it? Maybe the Tablets were intended for the "protection of mankind" as Metatron wrote, but only certain people are actually meant to endure the trials themselves. If this is true, giving the Demon Tablet to Sam and giving the Angel Tablet to Dean would work nicely with their intended roles in the apocalypse and bring us full circle.

Of course, suggesting that Dean has a connection to the Angel Tablet storyline automatically assumes that there will be a corresponding storyline with that Tablet. The truth is, it’s entirely possible that the purpose of the Angel Tablet is to give Crowley potential leverage over his own precarious situation and it won't necessary make it past the end of season 8. Perhaps the Winchesters might not choose to close the Gates of Heaven even if they were given a chance. Maybe if the Crowley and Naomi threats disappear, they’ll hide the Angel Tablet away. I believe that Dean in particular dislikes angels, but is it the same level of hatred he has for demons? And if they do try to close the Gates of Heaven, do they run the risk of trapping Castiel in Heaven forever or denying him a chance to go home again (assuming he doesn't become human)? Is that a chance that Sam and Dean are prepared to take and, more importantly, how would that question fit into the fact that Castiel will be a regular next season? It’s possible that there’s more on the Angel Tablet than just closing the Gates of Heaven. It’s never actually been specified what’s on the Tablet, despite Misha’s assumption to me, so there’s a great deal it could contain. All of these are tough questions to consider, but I believe that the Angel Tablet will have a good storyline going forward and these are circumstances they’ll have to consider in deciding whether to go through with those Trials. And I believe Dean will play a big part in it.

KATE: I like the idea of Dean being the one to do the Angel Tablet if Sam was the one to do the demon one. It fits nicely with the whole Sam is Lucifer’s, Dean is Michael’s, etc. storylines that we’ve had throughout past seasons. I agree with Clarissa and think that Dean definitely has a major role to play in regards to the Angel Tablet. An interesting thing to think about is whether or not Dean will have the side effects from the Angel Tablet that Sam is having from the demon one. Both were angelic in origin, and Dean is Heaven’s Righteous Man, after all. So will the trials themselves be easier for him? Will he get sick from them? Or, and here’s a wild theory, what if Castiel’s remaking of Dean after Hell causes Dean to get sick from the Angel Tablet? Castiel had to use massive amounts of grace to heal Dean so completely. What if that left a residual mark on Dean’s cells, just like the demon blood did on Sam? If the Demon Tablet trials are purifying Sam of demonic ties, what if the Angel Tablet trials purify Dean of his angelic ties? Then both of them will be clear of any ties to Heaven and Hell if and when the Gates are closed. They’ll be wholly and completely human.

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