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Beauty And The Beast: Five Things About “Trust No One”

We just got back from a screening of the February 14 episode of Beauty And The Beast, titled “Trust No One,” where Hurricane Alex still seems to make a mess of things and Muirfield seems to be getting ever so closer. But hey, before we post some interview material with executive producer Brian Peterson, how about five teases about the episode?

1. Vincent seems to know he messed up. Leaving Cat to go off with his ex-fiancee? Not the best idea, and not the best sign Cat can count on him. So, he tries to do a few things – including flowers – to try to woo her. Cat, of course, is reluctant to give in to her not so secret admirer…. at least at first.

2. And for everybody else… J.T. has his own plans for wooing Sarah at this Valentine’s Day time of year, and it appears Heather has a chance at romance with Joe’s brother. Joe and Tess are still doing their thing… literally. And Evan might get closer to learning that his new lady friend might not be affiliated with very nice people.

3. Ugh, Alex. I love Bridget Regan. She’s a fantastic actress and Confessor, and part of why Alex is so effective is because they got such a good actress to play her. But… Alex is nothing but trouble, and any second she’s around will bring Muirfield closer, making things bad for everyone. She’s also not very good at taking directions.

4. Somebody dies once they know too much.

5. A possibly surprising ending…. with a final line that will probably make the audience chuckle.

“Trust No One” airs Thursday, February 14 on The CW. Visit KSiteTV’s Beauty And The Beast portal for more goodies associated with next week’s episode, and come back soon for more!


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