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The Vampire Diaries Fan Question: WIll Rebekah Turn Into a Witch?

   Theories about the cure on The Vampire Diaries have been coming fast and thick. We have a lot of questions about it (is it even real, for example), but we loved this fan query: Will Rebekah (Claire Holt) turn into a witch instead of becoming human if she takes the cure?

Magic heredity is almost more complicated than the logistics of the sire bond. FIrst of all, it seems to get passed down from mother to daughter quite often — both Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) mother and Grams were witches before her — but that doesn’t mean it always skips the men in the family.

Remember Luka and Jonas Martin? According to Bonnie’s one-time crush, male witches prefer to be called warlocks. And Professor Shane (David Alpay) has a new friend — Massak. The face-painting witch seems pretty powerful.

The point is, any of the still-living Original sibs might have inherited the gene from Esther, so any one of them could become a witch — once they’re no longer vampires. As we learned from Rebekah (Claire Holt), “A witch is nature's servant. A vampire is an abomination of nature. You can either be one or the other, never both.”

In the short time we saw Bex, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and their siblings as humans — before Esther turned them into vampires — none of them showed any penchant for magic. It’s possible they were witches-in-waiting and their talents hadn’t been activated yet. After all, it took Bonnie a while to move from a slight psychic ability to lighting fires with her mind.

Do you think it’d be a fun twist to see Rebekah as a witch or do you want the blond vamp to get her wish and turn human? Or should the OV just keep her fangs?

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