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Exclusive Interview: Charlie Bewley Previews His Role as Vaughn on The Vampire Diaries

When news broke out that Twilight Saga stud Charlie Bewley was trading in his fangs for stakes, fans gushed with utter excitement. A Voluturi vampire making his CW debut as a militant hunter on The Vampire Diaries? No. Freaking. Way. Be still our hearts!

Well, it’s safe to say that Charlie has already made quite an impression as Galen Vaughn, TVD’s freshest member of the infamous Five who resides on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia. He first appeared in Season 4, Episode 13 (“Into the Wild“) looking all dashing and hardcore in his LL Bean inspired duds and then in a single — SNAP – of Damon Salvatore’s neck, everyone realized this fella meant business.

So what’s on Vaughn’s mysterious agenda (aside from a bloody game of Torture the Salvatore)? We caught up with Charlie to get the exclusive scoop and, while he couldn’t spill all the delicious details about his TVD character, he regaled us with behind-the-scenes scoop and stories from set. He even teased major drama with the following shout-out to fans: “Looking forward for you guys to see Vaughn take Mystic Falls to the cleaners. Thanks!”

Check out our full interview with Charlie Bewley below and get to know the wonderful actor a bit better !

Alloy Entertainment: Congrats on your TVD role! Vaughn is described as “ruggedly handsome, charming, built, and tough as hell.” Those are quite formidable traits! What was the audition process like based on all of this? 
Charlie Bewley: I hadn’t worked much on the audition. I went in there and just let them have it. Maybe my confidence in the room was due to Vaughn and I being similar people.

Alloy Entertainment: Were you a fan of The Vampire Diaries beforehand?
Charlie Bewley: I had never watched the show until I was cast – then I caught up and realized what I had gotten myself into.

Alloy Entertainment: Can you tell us a little bit about Vaughn and what brings him to Mystic Falls? 
Charlie Bewley: I cannot — you’ll have to watch. [Hint hint.]

Alloy Entertainment: In a battle of wits and charm though, who would win: Klaus or Vaughn and why?
Charlie Bewley: Klaus is great! I enjoy Joseph’s portrayal of him and he fully deserves the spin-off. As for a Battle of Britain, I dunno… Let’s wait and see if we clash antlers in the future. It certainly would be great to stand toe-to-toe with JM.

Alloy Entertainment: Vaughn has a strong opinion when it comes to Delena on the show. But what’s your outlook on their relationship from what you’ve seen so far? What piece of love advice would you offer them?
Charlie Bewley: My outlook on relationships is not one you want to hear, but in the context of TVD I’ll say this: I cannot believe these two brothers toss around a girl they supposedly love, neither can I believe that Elena willfully hops into bed with one after the next, and back. Sire bond is no excuse.

Alloy Entertainment: What was it like filming scenes with Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, and the cast? Were there any entertaining behind-the-scenes moments on set? 
Charlie Bewley: Ian is the glue that binds us all. He runs the show. It’s quite the spectacle. I love the guy — he has lots of great energy and is a real people person. TV is a new medium for me… these guys have been going at it for years. I feel privileged to have come in and injected my own brand of energy to Mystic Falls.

Alloy Entertainment: You portrayed a vampire in the Twilight saga. And now you’re a slayer. Moment of truth: Which do you have more fun playing and why?
Charlie Bewley: I am all about supernaturalism. My focus on a daily basis is to push evolution to its limits and there is nothing I believe is not possible. So naturally, to play a vampire with the abilities of Demetri was very special. Vaughn is like Bear Grylls on a vengeance mission – and everyone loves Bear. But Bear can’t fly. And Demetri can.

Alloy Entertainment: We’re really intrigued by your approach to your upcoming film, Thunder Road. You actually went on a two-month road trip with Matt Dallas and Steven Grayhm to conduct interviews with veterans. What did this experience teach you and what was the highlight of the entire trip?
Charlie Bewley: We learned how psychologically isolated the veteran community is and how oblivious most of us are to their experiences and ailments. It is our hope to bring what we saw and heard to the masses in THUNDER ROAD, which is currently undergoing rewrites. Highlights of the trip were packing four film-makers and two months worth of supplies into a Prius (kindly donated by Toyota Santa Monica) before cruising into L.A. and rolling up to the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere in our snazzy wheels.

Alloy Entertainment: Your trailer for Hammer of the Gods looks epic! First of all, exactly how badass is Steinar? And second, how long did it take you to wield that sword like a champion?
Charlie Bewley: Thank you! Yes, ‘epic’ is the [right] word. I’m really looking forward to seeing it myself. This is the great thing about acting: you can bludgeon Saxons all morning, come back after lunch to get your own head kicked in and then have a nice bath to wipe off all the syrup in the evening. Steinar is my own hero version of myself. I love him.

Alloy Entertainment: Who are your top three favorite vampire features of all time?
Charlie Bewley: I would say New Moon, then Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Then Eclipse. Actually, I liked Eclipse the most. Umm. Actually. Hmm. So difficult to choose.

Alloy Entertainment: The Oscars are coming up — are you rooting for any actors or movies in particular?
Charlie Bewley: I love SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. It really is the kind of unhinged stuff that I see myself doing lots of in the future. Bradley Cooper is brilliant in it – as is De Niro. Jennifer Lawrence too. David O’Russell is a genius of course. If you’re a closet TVD fan, David, would you like to direct THUNDER ROAD? Please?

Alloy Entertainment: You’re not only a talented actor but a true philanthropist as well (which is beyond incredible) and are prepping for your second Ultramarathon! (Congrats!) How do you stay motivated throughout the training process?
Charlie Bewley: Actually, I gave up running to become a jumprope enthusiast. Motivation is bred by elevated stakes. I was able to run a disgusting distance because of the cause and on behalf of my late friend and stuntie Jocelyn Clarke, who past away two years ago on Valentine’s Day after taking on cancer for a year. What she went through compared in her treatment made the pain I ‘suffered’ during my race feel like an ant bite. ELEVATE THE STAKES OF YOUR LIFE AND YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING. Love ya, Jos.

Alloy Entertainment: TVD is well known for its eclectic soundtrack and we see that you love to tweet recommendations. Are there any songs/artists that you can’t stop listening to?
Charlie Bewley: I love the Kooks – they are fun; Mumford & Sons. Skrillex is amazing. I love anything that’s honest. But really, my great love is trance music.

Alloy Entertainment: And — because we just have to know — what’s your most guilty pleasure?
Charlie Bewley: Guilty pleasure? Almond butter. Addicted. There are literally 10 different types on the craft trolley in Mystic Falls. If I go missing, I can usually be found hanging out there, like Pooh in a honey pot.

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